S + D

It’s more than just two people taking pictures together, working side by side as a functional team, enjoying each others visual aesthetic.

It’s more than that.

Daniel Fickle & Sara Henry


DANIEL is a Georgia boy though his voice won’t reflect it. There’s a cassette tape somewhere of a young 5-year-old him rambling on in a boyish southern drawl about his dog Yogi. And that’s cute enough but if you record him now, there’s no accent left to compare. Times change. In the interval between Yogi and this website, he’s become a world-traveled director, photographer and cinematographer. He also scores music. What a balance.

SARA is an Oregon girl, so no accent there. However, she was born in the back of a truck, so there’s that balance again! After growing up she went to Art School to collect a heap of straight A’s, then stepped headlong into a world of art/video/film/set production and overall project management that you could read off like a rap sheet. Whether it’s Art Direction or <camera notes> for a spreadsheet, her brain manifests the right idea with the seemingly smooth calculations of an otherwise complex formula, delivered cool as a cucumber.

S+D You can mainly find them between Seattle, Portland, LA, & NYC.